best way to keep psoriasis feet moisturized

best way to keep psoriasis feet moisturized

Today I am writing about Psoriasis feet like mine can be well moisturised. I have psorisis since three years. So psorisis feet its hard to keep feet well moisturised with normal moisturizer or any light oil. I even feel coconut oil does not work for me. So I started using vasaline still better than others. So further to vasline I took Doctor suggestion.



Here I will mention what my Dr. suggested me to do. So earlier I use to apply only vaseline pertoleum jelly white in color But I was not satisfied by result so my Dr told me to apply petroleum liquid(I am using petroleum liquid from mother tincture) mixed with vaseline every day. Now I am having my best feet to go I love the result. I take homeopathy medicine to treat it but it takes time to heal it completely. But here I found 100 % result with outer application. I am giving this detail as I know how much it causes stress and pain with psorisis in day to day life. 



Vasline and petroleum liquid mixed together applied on dry skin keeps 24 hour moisturized. It does not treat the psorisis but it keeps skin soft, crack free, no bleeding at all. Here have to use it daily for best day forwardlike we use daily cream on our face to keep our face moisturised.


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