Hair Oiling Right time, duration and frequency and how to

Hair Oiling Right time, duration and frequency and how to

What is the best time to do Hair oiling ?



There are many questions in mind regarding Hair Oiling, as per my knowledge Hair Oiling should be done One night before and next day mild shampoo gives full hydration and benefit of hair oil. In salons, it is suggested just to keep hair oil 1 hour or half an hour.


If you are using hair oiling for following purpose try to keep it for overnight


  • Hairfall problem
  • Dandruff issue at the same time
  • Deep Hydration
  • Hair oil with special herbs or medicine or ingredient for treatment 


If you are looking for light hydration and Oily scalp type can keep Hair Oil only for 30 min.



How frequent we should do Hair Oiling?



Normal to dry scalp type try to do hair oiling every alternative day, and oily scalp type can do twice or once in a week.



What is the right time to do oiling?



Morning or night doesnt matter in hair oiling,


What Oil we should use for hair oiling?



Market is full of Hair Oils like amla oil, musturd oil, castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, Onion hair oil, Oinion seed hair oil, almond oil, essential Oil based hair oil, harbal hair oil and many more. It gets very difficult to decide I will try here to solve this confusion. Hair oiling is required to keep scalp nourised and hydrated untill unless no specific herb or medicine used to treat any mention hair issues(hairfall, dandruff, hair breakage, thining and many more).  So try to do hair oiling with simple hair oil is available with you. So here big question arise if you have hairfall issue, try search hair oil with herbal ingredients. Mainly make sure you use hair oiling regulerly and atleast follow it at least for 5 to 6 month to see results.Hair oil only cant control hairfall to 100%,your protine rich diet and environmental factor matter a lot. At the same time stress can cause lot of hair issues that need to be treated with medical help.



When we should avoid hair oiling?



If scalp has infection like fungus, bumps, acne, ringworm, folliculitis, pus filled, many more and try to consult Doctor for infaction first.


What is the right method of appling hair oil?


Wherenever we start oiling make sure take enough oil apply to scalp with cotten swab or fingers. As you start rubbing oil to scalp make sure your nails should not harm scalp.


What oil I have used so far?


So I have tried Mama Earth Onion Hair Oil, Indulekha Hair Oil, Biotique Bhringraj Hair Oil and plain coconut hair oil. My observation is keep using oil regulerly every alternative day for 5 months to see exact finding about results. 


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